Best parks in Newport Beach area with a view!

In my opinion, these are some of the BEST parks in the Newport Beach area with a view!  


Lookout Point:  This has a gorgeous view of Corona Del Mar beach and ocean, and is the exact spot Shawn gave me my engagement ring. He proposed to me in a garden in Newport Coast spontaneously, but didn’t have a ring, so he made a separate plan to take me to one of his favorite view spots Lookout point to surprise me with the ring. I hope you get a chance to go to Lookout Point and make a special memory over the summer too!

Big Corona Bluffs park:  This park has a spectacular view of the Harbor entrance and grassy green areas that are perfect for picnicking. Shawn and I didn’t have much money when we first got married, we lived in a dumpy back unit in CDM that was more like a glorified garage. We walked down to this park to have a picnic for our 1st Anniversary, it was all we could afford and it was beautiful and romantic. Big Corona Bluffs is also dog friendly.

Crystal Cove Park: A fun hiking trail area, meandering trails and views of the ocean. This park always reminds me of Caleb. We moved to Crystal Cove when Caleb was 2 weeks old.  We took him on walks and down to the beach almost every day from 1 year to 3 years old when we moved to Castaways.  Crystal Cove now has a fun restaurant and a shuttle bus, making it easy access for everyone!

Galaxy Park is a perfect park to sit and reflect. It is always quiet and no one seems to know about it except the locals who I rarely see there except for 4th of July. The views are of the Back Bay and Fashion Island. The park benches are situated to capture all the views, even when sitting down.

Castaways Park:  Has a completely unique view of the water ways, Ocean and Fashion Island. I used to run on the bluffs where Castaways park is before it was a park and there were houses. I think I personally ran a trail right into the dirt since I went up there so often from the Newport Aquatic center. The view is an interesting mix of city and beach. Hard to duplicate anywhere else on the cost. If you get up to Castaways Park, check out the memorial at the best view point.

Westcliff Park:  Cutest pocket park. This is off the beaten path, definitely an insiders park. If you want to have a private picnic with ocean breezes or you want to watch the fireworks on 4th of July close up, this is the place. My family has biked over to this park on many 4ths!

They are all special to me which made me want to share them with everyone even more - I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!  With summer coming up, it's good to have a few special places to take a moment for yourself or to share with others!